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Star Rapid’s blog aims to share our hard earned knowledge on manufacturing and product development. We hope these articles help you to optimize your product design and better understand the world of rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, 3D printing and low-volume manufacturing. Enjoy!

New Machines Increase Our CNC Machining Capacity

With the arrival of six new Haas machining centers (four VF 2 SS and two DT-1), we now have fourteen additions to the CNC manufacturing workshop this year alone, with more on the way. Three machines will be dedicated to high-speed milling, while two more will be used...

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7 Things You Need to Know About Anodizing Aluminum

Anodizing is a method for changing the surface chemistry of metals and other substrates. It protects against corrosion, enhances aesthetic qualities, resists scratching and is one of the most durable surface finishes available. Let’s take aluminum as an example to see how this process cleverly exploits oxidation for a result that’s both decorative and functional.

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New Design Magazine: “Core Competencies”

What does it take to make the most of 3D metal printing? In a recent article for New Design magazine, Gordon Styles explains that it’s a true industrial process requiring skilled technicians with advanced manufacturing knowledge.

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Gordon Styles featured in Assembly Magazine: 3D Printing In Metal

2017 has seen a continuation of the trend in adopting 3D metal printing for demanding industrial applications. This has been especially true in the fields of aerospace, automotive and medical applications, but will undoubtedly disrupt other sectors as this transformative technology becomes more mature and better understood by product designers, engineers and manufacturers.

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How Does Vapor Polishing Work?

Vapor polishing is a finishing service commonly used to achieve high levels of transparency in plastic, like when plastic is used to make a lightweight optical quality lens. In situations like these, vapor polishing is one of the best and fastest ways to achieve...

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