Global Support Team

Our global team supports our clients from all over the world including Europe, Asia, South America and Africa. No matter where you live, they’re ready to support you on your next project.

Maggie Liang has been working in Star for more than four years. She graduated from China University of Geoscience with a Bachelor’s Degree in International Trade. Also a part of the team, Tina graduated from the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Zhongshan Institute, majoring in English.

The team is dedicated to help you:

  • Get quick quotations
  • Schedule your projects with our production department
  • Continuously follow up on the status of your project
  • Receive world-class service above and beyond your expectations

Contact our team today by sending your 3D design file using our quote form and our team will send you a free quote. If you have any questions just email us at [email protected].

International Prototype Manufacturing Support Team

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