How To Write A Manufacturing Enquiry

To get your competitive quote quickly, please provide us with as much information about your project as possible.

 Ready to start your next project? Upload details about your project including the 3D/2D Drawings, Quantity, Material, Color and Surface Finish.

3D and 2D Drawings

3D Drawings

Please provide complete 3D CAD files in .stp or .igs file formats if possible. We will use the 3D data for the following reasons:

  • To analyze part geometry, volume and function. We may also recommend design changes based on our analysis of your data.
  • The 3D file will be used as the source for generating a cutting program with our CNC machines. Read more about computer aided design here.


2D Drawings

2D drawings should contain all necessary dimensional information that applies to your part, including:

  • Critical dimensions and tolerances
  • Corner radii
  • Thread pitch
  • Surface finish
  • Surface flatness, where applicable. Please specify an Ra value.
3D parts


Your required quantity will help us to determine the process that is best suited to provide you with finished parts at the lowest cost.

  • We recommend that you also anticipate future order volumes when choosing a manufacturing process. Repeat orders may entail higher initial tooling costs but lower per-part costs.
Product parts


Your choice of material should be based on part function, cost and durability, among other factors. Please be specific in order for us to provide an accurate quotation.

See here for a list of our available plastic resins for injection molding. We can also recommend material for you at your request.

Metal material


Please specify a Pantone© or RAL color value for color matching on painted finishes. Also specify texture, such as gloss, matte, semi-gloss, etc.

If you don’t know your exact color value, we offer color matching to your supplied sample but cannot guarantee an exact match.


Surface Finish

This is a broad category covering many post-production surface treatments available, including painting, anodizing, plating, powder coating and polishing. If unsure about the exact finish you want, please consult with our technicians who will advise you on processes, materials and costs for your project.

finishing services

Need More Help?

Email us directly at [email protected] if you need our help. One of our experts will contact you and support you through the process.

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