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If you are located in Europe, you have a dedicated team ready to assist you in your product development journey. They bring extensive understanding and insight into making your parts a reality. Send your 3D design file using our online form and we will send you a free quote. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to us at [email protected].

Peter Koolen

Sales Manager
[email protected]

Learn more about Peter

Peter Koolen was born and raised in the southern part of The Netherlands (Holland). From an early age he has been involved in the PCB business, from product engineering to global account management and everything in between. His 30+ years in the PCB industry has given him wide exposure to clients around the globe and he has supported major OEMs like Cisco Systems and Alcatel – Lucent.

Joining Star Rapid as Sales Manager for Europe, Peter will be responsible for providing the highest level of sales and technical support to all of our European customers.

When not working, Peter enjoys watching Formula 1 racing, reading, playing golf and skiing in Austria with his wife and three daughters.

Joel Castanheira

Business Development Engineer
[email protected]

Learn more about Joel

Originally from Edmonton, Canada, Joel Castanheira lived for more than15 years in Portugal, where he obtained his Master’s degree in Civil Engineer from the University of Aveiro followed by an Executive MBA from HULT International Business School in London 5 years after.

In 2012, Joel started working in the energy sector, from execution to cost management, for multinational companies in Switzerland.

Joel joins Star Rapid as a Business Development Engineer and will be responsible for southern Europe, providing customers product solutions as well as technical support.

In his free time, Joel likes to play soccer, watch Formula 1, travel and experience new cultures.

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