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Kaelan Lee

North America Sales Manager

Kaelan Lee was born and raised in sunny Southern California. From a young age, he has always been fascinated with engineering and how things are made and work.

For college, Kaelan decided to attend Northeastern University in Boston, MA to study mechanical engineering. During his stay at Northeastern, Kaelan used the cooperative education program to get hands-on experience in an aerospace manufacturing facility, as well as doing product design for an intelligent LED light fixturing company. For his final internship before graduation, Kaelan spent six months working at Star Rapid’s factory in China, learning all about Star Rapid’s capabilities and getting a taste of technical sales.

After 5 years of college in Boston, Kaelan decided to move to Seattle, WA to pursue his love for engineering, the outdoors and photography. Some of Kaelan’s passions include snowboarding, camping, film photography and surfing. In his free time, he likes to engineer and work on personal design projects, such as, a waterproof dome housing for his cameras and a snowboarding rail setup that requires no snow.

Kaelan brings his experience and passion of product design and manufacturing to his customers no matter what stage in the product development cycle they are in or how challenging the project. If you are located in the Northwest of the US and would like set up a meeting or brainstorm projects with Kaelan, email us at [email protected].


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