Learn How To Design For Metal 3D Printing

Face-to-Face Metal 3D Printing Course

Upcoming dates:
14th – 16th August, 2017
6th – 8th of November, 2017
14th – 16th March, 2018

We are now offering free, intensive metal 3D printing courses at our manufacturing facilities in Zhongshan, China. The course is run by our 3D printing pro, Chloe Kow, who has over 10 years experience in the industry. Small class size allows each participant to truly get an immersive experience from software preparation to printing parts and adding surface finishes.

During the course, you will learn to understand the different design rules that are applied for metal additive manufacturing allowing you to apply the correct design rules for your next project. But there are even more benefits! Traveling to Zhongshan means you get to meet our awesome team, go on a factory tour, build contacts with like-minded people and eat great food. Plus Hong Kong is just 90 minutes away making Zhongshan a convenient location to visit!

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3D Metal Printing Team

Our 3D metal printing experts have 10 years experience in the industry.

Video Tutorials on 3D Metal Printing

3D printing with metal offers a staggering range of possibilities in the field of manufacturing and rapid prototyping. But designing for it is unlike any other manufacturing process. In our tutorial series on Designing for 3D Metal Printing we’ll share some useful tips and tricks that’ll be helpful when you’re designing your own parts or products.
3d printed part

Additive Manufacturing For Metal Parts

Episode 1: Introduction

In Episode 1 we introduce 3D metal printing and share some basic guidelines to keep in mind when designing.

Episode 2: Walls, Gaps and Holes

In Episode 2 we look at design limitations, starting off with walls, gaps and holes.

Episode 3: Bridges and Overhangs

In Episode 3 we look at design limitations and useful design tips when it comes to creating overhangs and bridges.

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