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Our project managers at Star Rapid work with a range of product developers, product designers, entrepreneurs and engineers from all over the world to help them make high-quality parts and products. Have a look at some examples of projects we have worked on and see how they were made. Projects use a range of services including plastic injection molding, 3D metal printing, pressure die casting, vacuum casting, CNC machining and more. If you’re working on a project with us and you would like our team to do a case study on your project, let us know!

The Remote Controller Case Study

The team at Willett Design Group approached us to help them create their new idea. The idea was The Remote Controller, an innovative organizing solution to keep your remote controllers in one place. It’s a universal rubber attachment that fits on all shapes and sizes of remote controls. Connect the many controllers in your life for your TV, Netflix, Blu-ray and more on one convenient lanyard and never lose a remote again!

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